USF Graduate Assistants United is the sole recognized bargaining agent on behalf of Graduate Assistants (both teaching and research assistants) at the University of South Florida.  USF-GAU is run entirely by fellow graduate assistant volunteers.

Why GAU?

Graduate Assistants at USF are a highly talented and productive group of individuals who are responsible for an array of duties at the University, including writing and presenting lectures, teaching both introductory and advanced undergraduate courses, conducting multiple independent lines of research, composing scholarly works for publication, and serving in important roles within their departments.  USF’s success as an exemplary academic and research institution could not have been accomplished without our continued efforts in these areas.

In recognition of these efforts, Graduate Assistants at USF deserve fair salaries, equitable terms and conditions of employment, and reasonable benefits.  USF Graduate Assistants United represents GA’s at USF in these domains, and works to secure and enhance these protections and benefits.

We also help ensure fair and equitable treatment of all GAs and compliance with the collective bargaining agreement (CBA) through grievances and binding arbitration. The CBA establishes the rules which govern most interactions between the University and GAs.

What has GAU done for me?

Thanks to the efforts of USF-GAU, GA’s enjoy rights and benefits such as:

  • Deferred payment of Tuition and Fees until the 9th week of semester
  • 100% Healthcare Premium Waiver for GA’s above .25 FTE
  • Minimum stipend requirement
  • Protection of labor rights in the Collective Bargaining Agreement

Chapter Documents

Name Description
2011-2014 CBA Collective Bargaining Agreement for 2011-2014
2008-2011 CBA Collective Bargaining Agreement for 2008-2011
2005-2008 CBA Collective Bargaining Agreement for 2005-2008
Chapter Constitution USF-GAU Constitution
Chapter Bylaws USF-GAU Bylaws

Chapter Memoranda

Name Description
Deferred Fees MOU on Deferred Payment of Student Fees
2011 CBA Changes Summary of Changes to 2008-2011 Collective Bargaining Agreement
2008 CBA Changes Changes to contract Re-opener for 2008