Officer Nominations & Elections Approaching

Officer elections are coming up in April. Nominate yourself or someone you think would make a great [fill-in-the-blank]. Available elected positions are described below.


Co-Presidents call and preside at all meetings of the Executive Committee and Membership. They appoint Standing Committee Chairs and the Chief Steward, subject to the Executive Committee’s approval. They are members of the UFF President’s Council, ex-officio members of all committees, sign all necessary documents and papers, and represent the Chapter internally and externally. Co-Presidents report to the Membership annually on Chapter activities and supervise the work of any Chapter employees. Significant correspondence and documents are deposited in the Chapter records at the end of the Co-Presidents’ term of office.


The Secretary records the minutes of all meetings, distributes these minutes to all Executive Committee members, and maintains the historical records of the Chapter. The Secretary also coordinates social media for the Chapter, such as this newsletter, member email, Facebook and Twitter, etc.


The Treasurer supervises the receipt and disbursement of all moneys, properties, securities and other evidences of financial worth of the Chapter. The Treasurer reports regularly to the Executive Committee and the Membership on the financial status of the Chapter. S/He also prepares annual financial statements and budget proposals for approval at the first Membership meeting of each Fall semester, and submits approved budgets to UFF in Tallahassee.

Grievance Committee Chair

The Grievance Committee Chair directs the administration of grievances brought by USF GAs, coordinates the activities of the Grievance Committee as described in the UFF Constitution, and reports regularly to the Chapter. S/He also serves as the Chapter representative to the State UFF Contract Enforcement Committee.

Department Stewards

Stewards work to recruit members for USF-GAU at the Department level, representing the concerns of GAs in their Department to the Chief Steward, and keeping current records of membership within their respective Departments.

Can’t commit to one of these positions 100%, but still want to learn the ropes? Volunteer as an Assistant [fill-in-the-blank].


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