Bargaining news: Healthcare premium waivers, raises for GA’s!

USF-GAU made substantial, unprecendented strides today at our bargaining session with the USF Board of Trustees and USF administrators. USF-GAU and the BOT tentatively approved language that would:

  1. Increase stipends for all GA’s on a .50 FTE by $700 (.25 FTE’s by $350), regardless of whether they are at the minimum or not. This amounts to an 8% raise for Masters-level students who are at the minimum, and a 7% raise for Doctoral-level students at the minimum.
  2. The University agrees to eliminate the employee contribution to the healthcare premium for both .25 and .5 FTE’s. Pending ratification, if you have a .25 or .50 FTE next year, you will not owe any portion of the premium out of pocket.

The University is also examining the possibility of extending unpaid family medical leave, and is reserving their right to a counter-offer. No agreement has yet been reached for this provision.

The next step will be to ratify the contract with the bargaining unit. More details about this will be available soon. We have also heard from the administration that they are actively researching the possibility of offerring Employee ‘E’ permits to GA’s (note that this was not an official proposal, but merely a point of policy). Parking and Transportation Services is expected to make a decision about this sometime in July.

All of this is a direct result of the hard work and dedication of USF-GAU members. Earlier this year we showed solidarity against changes to our health insurance. Because of our voice, and our union, we were able to extend premium-free coverage to .25 FTE’s, and bargain an across-the-board raise. None of this would be possible without you, our members.

USF works because we do!

In Solidarity, Josh

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