Call to Action – PhD Student Impacted by Travel Ban

Call to Action – Medhi Update
We have learned that USF froze Medhi’s access to all digital services because of the 1979 embargo. The university claims it has no relation to the recent executive order, though this action came 5 days after the travel ban and Mehdi has been in Iran taking care of his mother since May. He was even enrolled in dissertation hours this past Fall semester working on his project. Yesterday we at GAU met with the Ombuds office to open an inquiry in to this situation (both to determine the legality of USF’s actions and to see how Mehdi can possibly complete his Doctorate without any access to USF services). In related news, the judge’s ruling this weekend is NOT helping Mehdi at this point. He has even traveled to Armenia to see if he can get back to America through another country. He was told “No” by the US Consulate there and told to go back to Iran.


A lot of folks have asked what they can do to help.  At this point, our call to action is to encourage all concerned citizens to bombard your local representatives as well as the university with calls and emails.  Feel free to add and share contact information to this list as you see fit.


USF Office of the President: (813) 974-2791 |

Senator Bill Nelson: (813) 225-7040 |

US Representative Kathy Castor: (813)871-2817 |

Bob Buckhorn:


USF freezes email of student stuck in Iran after Trump executive order

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