What is a steward?

A steward serves as our point person in their department. For example, if someone in your department wants to know something concerning GAU (anything work-related) they know they can go to you as a first step. Of course, you aren’t expected to know the answer to every possible GAU-related question, so if you can’t answer a question, just pass it on to the head steward!

What else does a steward do?

We’ll also relay information about what we’re doing (campaigns, bargaining for benefits, socials, etc.) to you. And if you find an issue in your department, you can shoot it up to us – this is often how we find out about problems.

The stewards’ council

The stewards’ council itself is an important part of the union. It helps coordinate our efforts and it serves as a good place for us to bounce ideas around about the direction of the union.

I’m interested! How can I become a steward?

If there isn’t already a steward in your department, send an e-mail to stewards@usfgau.org.  Then, come to our next meeting, introduce yourself, and we will train you to become a steward.