Bargaining Session #5 – USF financial counterproposals

Our last bargaining session was an insult. GAU gave a detailed presentation of our modest financial proposals, which would increase the average GA’s annual take-home pay by about $2,600 per year and provide benefits like dental insurance and 2 weeks of paid vacation each year. USF completely rejected our proposal and instead issued a thinly-veiled threat that they might REDUCE our pay before giving their counterproposal. What they offered us was that pay would stay exactly the same as last year, but our health insurance costs would be higher…
During a pandemic! That’s not okay!
Come to the next bargaining session and show USF that they can’t bully us into accepting worse living conditions, while Steve Currall gets paid $575k+ per year. If USF needs to make budget cuts, they should trip the top, not cut the bottom.
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