February Member Meeting

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  1. Announcements
    1. Feb. Mass Transit Rally: RSVP here
    2. Feb. 8 Selma Teach-In: Details here
    3. Solidarity Social
  2. Reports
    1. Co-Presidents
    2. Treasurer
    3. Communications/Marketing
    4. Organizing
      • Lakey at FSU-GAU
    5. Grievances
    6. Bargaining
  3. Urgent action/decision items
    1. Assign supplementary .25 FTE appointment for Spring
    2. Discuss fees awareness action slated for March
    3. Participate in 4$15 minimum wage rally Apr. 15
    4. T-shirt order


Download: Minutes.02042015

(Important action items in green and repeated below)

  • Essential Training
  • FEA/AGEL/NEA Conference in Orlando
    • Keegan Shepherd is our rep; there’s a spot for one more rep! All expenses are paid by UFF (lodging, transport). Keegan has booked a two-night stay at the hotel for the AGEL/FEA/NEA Orlando conference – it is paid for and you will be reimbursed so if you would be interested in going on this conference (you get to meet cool people), please let Keegan know.
  • Participate in 4$15 minimum wage rally Apr. 15
    • Campaign directed towards fast food workers
    • Movement has precipitated in other places like Chicago and New York, and has been gaining steady momentum nationally. Other groups like adjuncts are also moving in this direction. In this vein, why not GAs?
    • Next organizing meeting is tomorrow (Feb 5 Thurs) Sem Heights Library 7pm
    • To act on:
      • How to involve the staff union (USF AFSCME)? Get in touch with Susie Shannon (president of USF AFSCME)
      • Forum on campus? Nothing formalized yet. Tentative: late March, same day as Fees Rally March 18th.
    • It’s happening on April 15th and it will be an all-day event. Put it on your calendars now, spread the word to other students and friends. Start the conversation: “What did you do fo(u)r 15?”
      • Gist: Day starts 6am in St Petersburg, 10am conference at steps of city hall and then in the afternoon cross the bridge over to Copeland Park and march through Fowler Ave. We need critical mass on the streets, and the students’ and GAs’ voices are crucial.


5:30 pm


USF-GAU Office
4202 E. Fowler Ave., NEC223
Tampa, FL 33620

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