Common Grievances

USF-GAU has worked very hard and continues to do so for a contract that specifies such things as stipends, healthcare benefits and proper working conditions. A grievance is a violation of these as well as other matters that are stated in the collective bargaining agreement. A grievance can be filed by any GA for any of these reasons.

Common grievances are issues surrounding workload, stipends and appointment letters. Workload issues involve working more hours than you should (.5 FTE = 20 hours, .25 FTE = 10 hours). Any prep work, grading, holding office hours, responding to emails, meetings, photocopying etc. are all considered work hours. Our contract guarantees a minimum salary and any stipend below this is grievable. Issues with the appointment letter involve language that attaches the offer of employment to funding contingencies as well as timely notification of reappointment or not and dismissal without cause.

What should I do if I think I have a grievance?

If you believe there is an issue that deserves attention please contact us. For those who are members the grievance process will be less arduous because you will receive our assistance. We have done this before and know exactly what we can do to help. You can not get in any trouble for filing a grievance. To do so would be against Federal labor law.

Grievance Form