Get ready, get set: Bargaining begins June 20th

On Friday, June 20th from 2-4p in SVC2070, the University and USF Graduate Assistants United will begin negotiations for the 2014-2017 Collective Bargaining Agreement. Join us and stand alongside your colleagues on Friday June 20th from 2-4p.  Find us outside of the Student Services Center starting at 1p, and then join us for the bargaining session at 2p in SVC2070. Then, after bargaining, come out to Southern Brewing and Winemaking from 5-7 to debrief from our bargaining session. Your first beer is always on us!

What’s at stake this year?

  • Family Medical Leave: Right now GA’s only have 5 days of medical leave. That’s no way to treat hard-working GA’s.
  • Fees: University fees levied on graduate assistants are too high. On average, fees comprise nearly 12% of a GA’s modest take-home pay, and every year they get more and more expensive. Enough is enough.
  • Cost of Living: The current standard of living for GA’s is unacceptable. We’ll be discussing proposals to make graduate school better than mere survival.
  • And more

What can I do to help?

  • Come to the bargaining session! Sit with us at the table as we discuss our proposals with the administration.
  • Ask two of your colleagues to come with you to the bargaining session, even if they aren’t a member. Not a single voice should be left out of this process!

Press Release: Bargaining Press Release

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