Proposed Bylaw Amendments

UFF-USF-GAU seeks to represent all Graduate Assistants (GAs). As a considerable number of in-unit GAs possess international student status, we propose the addition of the International GA Representative to the Executive Committee. Such an action requires an amendment to our Bylaws. The following is the proposed addition to Article III, Duties of Officers and Standing Committee Chairs:

Section 9. The International GA Representative. The International GA Representative shall serve as the voice of graduate assistants holding international student visa status, and will report regularly to the Membership on concerns or issues faced by international students. The International GA Representative shall serve as a member-at-large of and advisor to the Organizing, Grievance, and Bargaining Committees.

I am submitting this proposal to the membership two weeks prior to the April Membership Meeting when members in attendance will vote to approve the amendment (per Article VII of the Bylaws) and in anticipation of Executive Commmittee elections.

Complete bylaws with proposed amendment can be found here.

Suggestions or friendly edits to the amendment from GAU members are welcome. You may contact me at


In solidarity,

Constanza de Dios

UFF-USF-GAU Secretary

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