USF-GAU Officer Nominations (13-14)

In our past call for nominations for our elected officials, we received nominees to fill all executive, UFF Senate, and FEA delegate positions. However, all of the nominees will be running unopposed. Per our Constitution and Bylaws, this negates the need to hold elections. Below is information about each of the nominated officials (I hope you are inspired by the nominees’ creativity in writing their biographies. 😉 ).

If you have an objection to any of these candidates, we will take additional nominees until Thursday, March 21 at 6:00 PM. If we have any additional nominees, we’ll hold elections next week.

Josh Lenes
Josh Lenes
Co-President, UFF Senator

Hello! I’m Josh, and I love GAU!
GA’s work hard, and should be recognized
We teach courses, research, and pay our dues
Join up with us, make change, actualize!

I’m running for co-President this term
To speak your voice, rise up, and make it heard
On benefits and pay we should stand firm
Join us; With you they’ll have to hear our word

Our membership can grow with more stewards
I’ll make us visible online, so fresh!
I’ll keep you to date, let’s move upwards
Come to social events, see us in flesh!

Marta, Suzanne, Michelle, Erin and Jake
Awesome, new officers I know they’ll make

Marta Robertson
Marta Robertson
Treasurer, UFF Senator

I am Marta, from integrative bio.
I am a good candidate, I am sure
to run for and represent you, I know
as the GAU student treasurer.
The insurance of vision and dental
health coverage are two of the things we
(and don’t forget to include maternal!)
would like to have from the university.
With increased leadership we will be strong.
For we are an army of workers poor
and benefits we’ve wanted all along,
we will stand together to bargain for.
O, USF just works because we do.
In solidarity, GAU.

Michelle Hoffman
Michelle Hoffman
Secretary, UFF Senator

Michelle has been a Teaching Assistant for Ecology and Biology labs in the Integrative Biology Department at USF since 2010. She was recruited to USF-GAU during her Department’s Fall 2010 graduate student orientation. One year after joining the union, she volunteered to become a USF-GAU Senator for the United Faculty of Florida. Michelle decided to take a leadership role in USF-GAU to help increase awareness of the Union among GAs at USF.Michelle earned her undergraduate degree at USF in 2005, double majoring in Environmental Science and Geology. After that, she relocated to Guam where she earned her Master’s degree in Environmental Science by studying tropical island hydrology and marine science. After spending two years as the Seminole Tribe of Florida’s Senior Wetland Scientist, she returned to USF to pursue a Ph.D. and is currently a doctoral candidate in the Integrative Biology Department at USF. Her research interests involve the dynamics of wading bird distribution in created and natural freshwater ponds and marshes across a gradient of urbanization.

Suzanne Young
Suzanne Young
UFF Senator, FEA Delegate

I care about us
In numbers we are stronger

Erin Feichtinger
UFF Senator

I believe that it is important for workers to be represented by an organization in which they participate, are represented by and one that seeks benefits and protections. I think that the USF GAU has a good track record and I am proud to be a part of this organization.

Christy Foust
Christy Foust
UFF Senator; FEA Delegate

I’m a doctoral candidate and Teaching Assistant in the Department of Integrative Biology. I’ve been active in the union since I first began attending USF during the Fall 2010 semester. I was elected President of the union in 2012, and I’ll maintain my two-year appointment through 2013-2014. With the help of union activists, I’ve succeeded in increasing union membership and union awareness on the USF campus. I want to increase my involvement with USF-GAU by occupying a UFF Senate position and a position on the FEA Delegate Assembly during the 2013-2014 academic year. I look forward to representing USF Graduate Assistants through the rest of my Co-Presidency and within these state labor union organizations .

Jake Zydek
FEA Delegate

Jake Zydek is a first year M.S. Student in the department of Integrative Biology, and is currently an instructor for human anatomy and physiology laboratory sections. As a delegate, Jake will represent the interests of local graduate assistants and report to the delegate assembly assistants’ most pressing concerns.

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