We are USF.



Teaching assistants comprise over half of the total academic labor at USF.



Graduate assistants conduct high-impact global research, and work on a vast majority of research grants.


And more.

We are talented and dedicated teachers, researchers, scientists, and educators, and we do it all with love.

What do GAs need?

Competitive salary and benefits.

USF’s success as a University requires competitive compensation for GAs. Not just competitive with other Florida Universities, but with other Research One Universities like Penn State, Michigan, Oregon State, and the University of California. Competitive benefits means access to affordable childcare, healthcare coverage (including dental and vision coverage), and dependent coverage.

Fair treatment.

Although conflicts are rare, GAs deserve a fair and efficient process to resolve disputes when they arise. That means GAs should have adequate representation, and that the grievance process should be open, transparent, and free of intimidation.

A forum with the administration.

GAs are an indispensable part of the university’s mission and strategic plan. GAs deserve a voice in shaping policies and procedures that contribute to that mission, and require a way to communicate how policies are affecting hard-working GAs.

A voice in higher education.

We are the future of higher education, and our futures demand that our students can continue to afford high-quality education. Joining GAU means that we can continue to advocate for increased funding for higher education, resist a growing reliance on adjunct and contingent academic laborers, and guarantee the promise of higher education for our students.

What have we done together?

  • Tuition Waivers


    Tuition waivers for at least the minimum number of credits necessary to maintain a graduate assistantship.

  • Paid Leave


    5 days of paid leave in the event of an illness, or in the event of the illness or death of an immediate family member.

  • Healthcare Subsidies


    Partial subsidy of student health insurance coverage provided by the university to all graduate assistants.

  • Extended Fee Deferment


    Student owes portion of tuition and fees can be paid on time up until the loan deferment deadline (9th week of the semester)

  • Better Parking.


    ‘E’ passes available to graduate assistants, and payroll deduction option for all parking passes.

  • Full Healthcare Waiver


    All graduate assistants appointed at least 10 hours pay nothing for their health insurance premium.