USF Graduate Assistants United is the sole recognized bargaining agent on behalf of Graduate Teaching and Research Assistants at the University of South Florida. UFF-USF-GAU is a democratic organization, whose leaders are democratically chosen by members. Chapter decisions are made by a plurality of members present at any of our membership meetings.

Chapter Documents

Name Description
2011-2014 CBA Collective Bargaining Agreement for 2011-2014
2008-2011 CBA Collective Bargaining Agreement for 2008-2011
2005-2008 CBA Collective Bargaining Agreement for 2005-2008
Chapter Constitution USF-GAU Constitution
Chapter Bylaws USF-GAU Bylaws, passed 10/08/14

(Proposed amendments, March 2017)

Chapter Memoranda

Name Description
Deferred Fees MOU on Deferred Payment of Student Fees
2011 CBA Changes Summary of Changes to 2008-2011 Collective Bargaining Agreement
2008 CBA Changes Changes to contract Re-opener for 2008